Laravel Idea 5.2 and 5.3: Extract Blade Component refactoring, translation values preview, advanced event listeners search

Apr, 18, 2022

These 2 updates bring another set of time-savers: convenient blade component extraction, completion for composer.json scripts section, preview for translation values, and more.

Extracting blade component is pretty common need for projects with big UI implemented by Blade templates. Laravel Idea makes this action a bit more convenient and quick. Just select the needed part of template, right-click and select Refactor > Extract Blade Component, or with special Refactor menu(Ctrl-T or Ctrl-Shift-Alt-T):

Extract blade component

A new Translation preview feature shows the value of translation instead of key:

Translation preview

This behaviour can be turned off in the settings: Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Laravel Idea | Other Settings | Preview translation values.

Listeners for Laravel events can be setup by different ways: event service provider $listen field, Event::listen call or by auto-discovery. Laravel Idea now understands all of them and allows to quickly find all event listeners:

Event listeners

Class suffixes are convenient in the code generations, however they weren't easy to edit. Convenient editor for class suffixes was added to the new version:

Class suffix editor

Small features:
  • composer.json "scripts" section completion
  • Eloquent Helper code improvements
  • Anonymous Blade component namespaces support(Laravel 9.8)
  • Eloquent::factory()->set() completion(Laravel 9.8)

Thank you for keeping up with the last updates! We hope they will improve your productivity.
Laravel Idea team.