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Laravel Development Environment


Code Generation

Powerful customizable code generation allows to quickly create every piece of Laravel application and automatically register policy, artisan command, middleware, etc.

Eloquent Completion

Full auto-completion of fields and relations in almost every method and function. Json resource and database factory auto-generation.

Routing Completion

Smart completion in route files with full understanding of namespaces and route name prefixes.

Request Fields Completion

Custom and standard Http request fields completion, based on validation.

Validation Rules Completion

Validation rules completion in each validation array, including custom validation rules.

Other Useful Helpers

Hundreds useful helpers, including configuration and translation keys, gates names completion, blade support, etc

Students and open-source

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  • For students and open-source projects
  • Apply to Jetbrains program here and use this instruction


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  • 30 days Free Trial
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for free?

Yes. 30 days trial is available. Also Laravel Idea and PhpStorm is totally free for students and open source projects.

How to install?

Laravel Idea is a plugin for PhpStorm. After installing PhpStorm, plugin can be installed by main menu File > Settings... > Plugins > Marketplace > Laravel Idea

How to get free license for student or open-source project?

Apply to Jetbrains program here and get your free license for their IDEs (if you don't have it yet)

Use this instruction

Where to post a bug or ask a feature?

Issues page is currently here -