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Laravel Idea

The most productive Laravel Development Environment

Everything you need to speed up Laravel coding is built into one plugin.

Laravel Idea
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Laravel Idea completes almost every string of your application: Eloquent model fields, view names, route names, config/translation keys, etc.

Deep code understanding allows completing all fields from the request object or filling validation rules based on the Eloquent model.

Free trial

A free 30-day full-featured trial is available.

Install PhpStorm. Go to the Settings > Plugins, find Laravel Idea in the marketplace and press Install.


Most popular

$4.90 / 1st year$3.90 / 2nd year$2.90 / 3rd year onwards



$9.90 / 1st year$7.90 / 2nd year$5.90 / 3rd year onwards


What people say about us

“So @laravel_idea just introduced a killer feature: Allows you to have route/config/view and more autocompletion on custom functions and methods.

If you have not tried @laravel_idea and you are a Laravel dev, I can highly recommend you give it a go!”

“Seriously, the @laravel_idea plug-in is one of the best in PHPStorm 🪄”

“The PHPStorm's plugin @laravel_idea was a good investment. The autocomplete is unreal 🤯”

“Two shoutouts today! The first one goes to @Adelf32 who built @laravel_idea. He helped me again with another license. Best @phpstorm @laravelphp plugin out there. It's worth every single penny! Go for it, buy it and support the awesome work he does for the community!”

“Using the Laravel Idea plugin ( you can easily create Blade views in @phpstorm. Very handy! 👍
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“Laravel Idea is a must-have PHPStorm plugin! Take part in the giveaway - or just go and give @Adelf32 that money he deserves ❤️