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Installation ‚Äč

Laravel Idea is a paid plugin for PhpStorm. If you don't have it installed, it has the same free 30 days trial period. In the PhpStorm's main menu: File | Settings (or Preferences) | Plugins | Marketplace | Search "Laravel Idea"

A trial period can be activated by choosing "Evaluate for free" option in the "Licenses" window:

By default, plugin tries to find laravel/framework (or laravel/lumen-framework, or illuminate/support, or laravel-zero/laravel-zero) Composer package installed. All plugin features work only if one of these pacakages found, so it won't take resources and make additional indexing for non-laravel projects. This can be configured in the settings:

Laravel directory option can help in cases when laravel installation is not in the root. Also, plugin can be turned on/off manually.