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Version 8.1 (2024-02-11)

  • Laravel 11 support: routing, casts() method, facades
  • New Eloquent Model UI: Add Relation and other features
  • @session Blade directive
  • Advanced type provider for $this for mixin classes
  • ide.json: construction parameters promotion, like for Dispatchable trait
  • ide.json: classMixins support for packages replacing Builder, Schema and other classes
  • Blade fragments completion
  • PhpStorm 2024.1 support

Version 8.0 (2023-12-03)

  • Smart Add All Fields completion for Eloquent models
  • Fully rewritten translation system: fetching all directories and JSON keys support
  • New Eloquent Model UI: table name editor, some new field types
  • New Eloquent Observer class: choosing methods
  • Suppress Undefined field for $request->field calls
  • Nova, Filament, Livewire: support new versions
  • ide.json directory completion new options: recursive(true by default) and directories for multiple directories

Version 7.4 (2023-09-27)

  • Livewire: advanced Volt support, @teleport directive, Create Livewire Form generation
  • Understanding Eloquent relations described by wendelladriel/laravel-lift and october/rain packages
  • Smart Find Usages for console command classes
  • Advanced Create Laravel Action generation for lorisleiva/laravel-actions package
  • Config directory option
  • Possibility to use Builder interfaces instead of classes in smart lambda completions
  • ide.json: parametersNames option for completions, new eloquentCasts completion, eloquentFields completion for current class

Version 7.3 (2023-08-29)

  • Livewire 3 support: version 3 changes, computed properties types, attribute parameters completion(Rule, Layout)
  • Livewire Volt full support
  • ** Laravel Folio**: completions for some functions
  • Run Seeder action
  • Convenient Find Usages for config keys, translation keys, gates.
  • Smart lambda completions for Eloquent queries, collections and event listeners.
  • ide.json: eloquent fields completion and ability to complete classes declared in the fields like “$model = SomeClass::class”
  • Small updates: @error Blade directive completion, $view field completion in the class declaration, bladeIcon and bladeComponent completions for ide.json, createOrFirst Eloquent method parameters completion

Version 7.2 (2023-07-17)

  • New Eloquent Model UI: new field types and settings window
  • Smart completion for "function(Builder $query)" lambdas
  • Priority completion for some important Laravel classes
  • UI refactoring: help icons, field aligning, etc.
  • A lot of settings added. About helper code, Blade, UI, etc.
  • Completions for Model::touch, Model::on, Rule::can and many other methods

Version 7.1 (2023-05-08)

  • New Model UI: Filament and Nova resource generation
  • Grouped .env keys completion
  • Settings refactoring: UI changes and some settings became syncable with SettingsSync
  • Convenient Schema::create() and Schema::table() calls completion
  • @vite support
  • \View::addLocation() support
  • Laravel 10.9 middleware static method parameters completion

Version 7.0 (2023-03-21)

  • Revolutionary "New Eloquent model" UI
  • Twig language support for views
  • .env file keys completion
  • @style directive support
  • Configurable javascript completions
  • ide.json: classFields completion for custom class fields

Version 6.3 (2023-02-20)

  • Laravel 10 support
  • PhpStorm 2023.1 support
  • laravel/pennant package support
  • Setting forms refactoring
  • ide.json: blade @directive/@enddirective support, migration methods, code generation improvements
  • Improved database factories fetching

Version 6.2 (2022-12-06)

  • PhpStorm 2022.3 support
  • Laravel Envoy support: Blade directives and convenient completions
  • “Generate Helper Code” optimizations
  • "spatie/laravel-collection-macros" package support
  • New config files fetching - fast and smart
  • Config values showing during config keys completion
  • ide.json: advanced package Blade components support

Version 6.1 (2022-11-16)

  • Convenient Eloquent relation, scope and attribute methods generation
  • Eloquent Helper code: support custom builders and collections
  • New Laravel 9.35 mailable syntax support
  • A lot of optimizations

Version 5.8 (2022-09-06)

  • "Find usages" for Eloquent scopes, relations and attributes
  • “Find usages” for gates and policies
  • “Find usages” for config and translation keys
  • "Create Listener" for events
  • Eloquent $this->fields completion for 2022.2
  • new "parentClassFqn" and "newParentClassFqn" conditions for ide.json completions
  • Support database schemas in the Eloquent helper code generation
  • Factory generation "global faker call" option for "fake()" function lovers

Version 5.7 (2022-07-22)

  • Generate all helper code by one action
  • Correct parameters for ::dispatch(), ::dispatchNow(), and ::broadcast() methods
  • Context action to quickly convert 'Controller@action' route strings to "Controller::class, 'action'" style
  • Guess constructor parameter in the "Create Job" action
  • Continue improving Shift-F1 context help: clicks for collection and builder methods will be redirected to Laravel documentation
  • Complete and recognize the type of blade parameters passed by "View::share()" call
  • Fetch all registered Authenticatable models from "config/auth.php" and complete types for "Auth::guard('guard_name')->user()" and similar calls
  • Rate limiter names fetching and completion for "new RateLimited()" call and "throttle:*" middlewares
  • Some new completions for routing and blade files

Version 5.6 (2022-07-01)

  • Smart relation methods generation
  • Smart "@selected(old('field_name')…" completions
  • Quick links to the validation rules documentation(Cmd(Ctrl)-F1 in any validation rule)
  • Eloquent helper code: table prefixes, tpetry/laravel-postgresql-enhanced package, and intersection types support
  • @vite directive and completion to it
  • Eloquent nested with() completions
  • Completions for Livewire pest plugin

Version 5.5 (2022-06-15)

  • Smart cursor pointing after code generations.
  • Support unescaped blade parameters in the “Generate Laravel Translation”.
  • "Create Console Command" with smart command signature suggestions.
  • Allow array style for validation rules in the “Add Eloquent Fields”.
  • "Include nullable fields" option for “Create Database Factory” action.
  • "withWhereHas" Eloquent method support.
  • Suggestion to generate helper code in project startup if it isn't generated yet.

Version 5.4 (2022-05-21)

  • Livewire improvements: "component views" line marker, find views without "render" method, suppress "undefined property type" inspection for components
  • Spatie package tool support: view names and blade components
  • <x-slot:parameter-name> blade component slot style support
  • "All Code Generations" main menu item
  • Eloquent support improvements and optimizations: new methods and faster helper code generation for projects with huge amount of models
  • Completions for Eloquent factory Sequence class

Version 5.3 (2022-04-15)

  • Advanced event listeners search
  • Translation values preview
  • Convenient class suffixes editor for code generations
  • Anonymous Blade component namespaces support(Laravel 9.8)
  • Eloquent::factory()->set() call completion(Laravel 9.8)

A blog post about this update.

Version 5.2 (2022-03-31)

  • "Extract Blade Component" refactoring
  • @js blade directive
  • composer.json "scripts" section completion
  • Eloquent Helper code improvements

A blog post about this update.

Version 5.1 (2022-02-11)

  • "Laravel" main menu new items: "Generate Helper code" and "Register Custom Blade directives"
  • "New File > Laravel" menu group new items: "Configure..." and "Hide This Menu".
  • "Create Eloquent Scope" code generation.
  • "Use Pest template" option for "Create Unit/Feature Test" code generations if pestphp/pest package is in use.
  • Use $table->id() instead of $table->bigIncrements('id') in the Database Migration template for Laravel >= 7.
  • Additional ide.json completions: "artisanCommandName", "artisanCommandParameter", "environmentVariable".
  • Suppress "Missing return type" inspection for controller methods.
  • More informative message about read-only "vendor" folder. With "how-to-solve" suggestions.
  • Support "Attribute::getWithoutCaching" syntax for Eloquent attributes from Laravel 8.81.
  • @checked, @selected blade directives from Laravel 9 + @inertiaHead

Version 5.0 (2022-01-27)

  • A new "Laravel" menu group in the "New" menu. With configurable code generations.
  • spatie/laravel-query-builder, spatie/laravel-validation-rules packages support
  • ide.json files v2: a lot of new custom completions, advanced blade component fetching for packages, custom route facade methods
  • New Eloquent attributes style(Laravel 8.77) support
  • Route::controller() call(Laravel 8.80) support
  • Livewire: ".index" components support
  • Convenient standard blade directives completion: foreach/foreach, if/endif, etc.

A blog post about this update.

Version 4.4 (2021-08-12)

A blog post about this update.
A blog post about minor 4.4.2 update.

Version 4.3 (2021-05-26)

  • "Unknown view" inspection with quick view creation
  • Smart "Go To Declaration" actions for ->factory(), ->user() and facade/macro methods.
  • blade-ui-kit/blade-icons package support
  • Facade and Macro helper code generation improvements("Generate Helper Code" code generation)
  • Livewire completion improvements
  • "On the fly" composer packages fetching (turning their support on right after installing)
  • A new "Create Config File" code generation

Version 4.2 (2021-03-11)

  • Unknown Blade component inspection with component creation
  • Advanced Eloquent model linked classes editor left marker
  • Timezones completion
  • Anonymous migrations from Laravel 8.37 support
  • Eloquent Helper Code improvements and fixes

Version 4.1 (2021-02-25)

  • Custom completions and Blade component namespaces via ide.json files check documentation
  • Facade and Macro helper generation: "Generate Helper Code" code generation
  • Improved Eloquent Helper Code Generation: correct casted field types + mixins for better completion
  • Validation rules completion for $rules fields (other field names can be added in the Settings)
  • Several small improvements, optimizations, and fixes

Version 4.0 (2021-02-11)

  • Powerful custom code generations
  • File, session, cache and other drivers completion
  • More smart package views and Blade component fetching
  • Multiple project content roots support
  • HTML attributes completion for Blade tag components
  • Blade::if custom directives completion
  • CSS classes completion for Blade component $attributes->class() call
  • Little Livewire, Dusk and other packages integration improvements

Version 3.6 (2020-12-10)

  • Silent synchronization for custom and package blade directives
  • Type provider for Blade component variables described in @props()
  • Type provider for $request->user() and \Request::user()
  • Eloquent Helper Code: correct return types for paginate() and simplePaginate() methods
  • Customizable validation method and class names to behave like Form request class
  • $table->foreignIdFor() support for migrations analyzer
  • Add \Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\Authenticatable as option in code generation dialogs for User class if there is more than 1 User class in the project
  • Translation completions for nWidart/laravel-modules package

Version 3.5 (2020-11-18)

  • Blade view variables automatic types
  • Inertia JS and Breeze packages support
  • New methods from latest Laravel 8.* releases support
  • Livewire testing method completions
  • Auto-discovered policies completion
  • URL::signedRoute, URL::temporarySignedRoute functions parameter completion
  • Improved composer.json and packages fetching
  • Silent new blade directives synchronization for Blade plugin
  • Inspection for env() function call outside of config files
  • Some stability issues fix, mostly for new PhpStorm 2020.3

Version 3.4 (2020-10-08)

  • Laravel 8 Database Class Factories support: Code generation, fields completion
  • Eloquent Helper Code generation: custom query and collection classes support, Laravel 8 class factories support, Laravel 8 schema dumps analyzing
  • Livewire 2 properties support
  • Laravel Nova Resource code generation
  • Jetstream blade and livewire components completion
  • Blade component @props directive support
  • base_path, resource_path and other Laravel *_path() function parameters completion
  • \optional() function type provider
  • Route names: shallow() nested resource support
  • App/Models namespace by default for Eloquent models if app/Models directory exists

Version 3.3 (2020-09-03)

  • Database factories states and fields completions
  • Module system for Laravel package developers
  • Eloquent Helper Code Generation report
  • Dusk Test, Page and Component code generations
  • Using of composer.json PSR-4 namespaces for tests and other non-application classes
  • All personal options moved to .idea/laravel-idea-personal.xml file. .idea/laravel-idea.xml can be pushed to git
  • Validation rules completion for LivewireComponent::rules and CompositeRule::rules methods
  • Aliases for main Laravel facades: class_alias(Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route::class, 'Route')
  • PDF::loadView views completion
  • Fixes

Version 3.2 (2020-08-19)

  • View, component and livewire component blade variables completion
  • Eloquent helper code generation: fetching tables and columns from database + understanding field casts
  • Policies completion for authorize() and other calls
  • New code generation: Optimize Route completions
  • Convenient navigation between models and policies (Hot key: Ctrl-Alt-Home or ^⌘Up)
  • New module system for modules with own composer.json files
  • Blade::component calls fetching
  • Blade $loop variable members completion
  • Fixes

Version 3.1 (2020-06-26)

  • Livewire support + new Create Livewire Component code generation
  • nWidart/laravel-modules package support
  • Convenient navigation between events and listeners (Hot key: Ctrl-Alt-Home or ^⌘Up)
  • "Add Eloquent model fields" to validation rules array by Alt-Insert or Command(Ctrl)-N
  • Ignore deleted_at Eloquent field in some generations
  • Fixes

Version 3.0 (2020-05-20)

  • New experimental Eloquent helper code generation! Check Generate Eloquent Helper Code code generation
  • Create Blade Component code generation for Laravel 7 components
  • Completion for Blade components from packages
  • Nested resource route names support
  • Multiple User class support for applications with several Authenticatable classes (comma separated User class setting)
  • Create Module code generation for module applications
  • Fixes

Version 2.4 (2020-04-22)

  • Route::resources/apiResources calls route names collecting
  • Correct Eloquent relations calls completion. $this->hasMany(SomeModel::class)->where(SomeModel fields here)
  • New Laravel 7.6 withoutMiddleware method parameters completion
  • Deprecated controllers and methods are marked as deprecated in route files
  • New option "Allow app root module in code generation dialogs" for Directory module system
  • Eloquent calculated properties(like getFirstNameAttribute() -> first_name) completion added
  • 'mix' method completion now understands several mix-manifest.json files
  • Default base class for unit tests is PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
  • Fixes

Version 2.3 (2020-03-24)

  • Laravel 7 blade tag components support(to fix Vue errors, please update your IDE to 2020.1 version)
  • Artisan commands completion in $schedule->command()
  • Log::channel() completions
  • ${DATE} ${TIME} ${YEAR} ${MONTH} ${DAY} ${HOUR} ${MINUTE} ${SECOND} parameters to file templates
  • Eloquent $appends property and append method fields completion
  • 'auth:guard_name' middleware completions
  • Fixes

Version 2.2 (2020-02-26)

  • spatie/blade-x support improvements: recursive directory scanner and inspections suppressor
  • factory()->create() auto type hinting
  • factory()->create(fields completion)
  • "can:%gate_name%" middleware completions
  • bigIncrements() instead of increments() in migration template
  • Route::is(completion)
  • Fixes

Version 2.1 (2020-02-10)

  • spatie/blade-x package support(tags, attributes completion, :attr="%php code injection%")
  • Route::get()->uses(completion)
  • Eloquent $dispatchesEvents completion and morph relation methods, like whereHasMorph(), support
  • Fix registration in "Create Middleware", "Create Listener" and some other generations
  • Fix creation translation string from blade - select string and Alt-Ins(or Command(Ctrl)-N)

Version 2.0 (2020-01-27)

  • Lumen support
  • Create translation keys right from code (Alt-Insert or Command(Ctrl)-N on PHP string or selected Blade code)
  • Create View Composer code generation
  • Request::boolean() method support (added in Laravel 6.12)
  • Name parameter of "Create Middleware" become optional
  • Model parameter of "Create Json Resource" become optional
  • Eloquent when method support