Version 3.3

  • Database factories states and fields completions
  • Module system for Laravel package developers
  • Eloquent Helper Code Generation report
  • Dusk Test, Page and Component code generations
  • Using of composer.json PSR-4 namespaces for tests and other non-application classes
  • All personal options moved to .idea/laravel-idea-personal.xml file. .idea/laravel-idea.xml can be pushed to git
  • Validation rules completion for LivewireComponent::rules and CompositeRule::rules methods
  • Aliases for main Laravel facades: class_alias(Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route::class, 'Route')
  • PDF::loadView views completion
  • Fixes

Version 3.2

  • View, component and livewire component blade variables completion
  • Eloquent helper code generation: fetching tables and columns from database + understanding field casts
  • Policies completion for authorize() and other calls
  • New code generation: Optimize Route completions
  • Convenient navigation between models and policies (Hot key: Ctrl-Alt-Home or ^⌘Up)
  • New module system for modules with own composer.json files
  • Blade::component calls fetching
  • Blade $loop variable members completion
  • Fixes

Version 3.1

  • Livewire support + new Create Livewire Component code generation
  • nWidart/laravel-modules package support
  • Convenient navigation between events and listeners (Hot key: Ctrl-Alt-Home or ^⌘Up)
  • "Add Eloquent model fields" to validation rules array by Alt-Insert or Command(Ctrl)-N
  • Ignore deleted_at Eloquent field in some generations
  • Fixes

Version 3.0

  • New experimental Eloquent helper code generation! Check Generate Eloquent Helper Code code generation
  • Create Blade Component code generation for Laravel 7 components
  • Completion for Blade components from packages
  • Nested resource route names support
  • Multiple User class support for applications with several Authenticatable classes (comma separated User class setting)
  • Create Module code generation for module applications
  • Fixes

Version 2.4

  • Route::resources/apiResources calls route names collecting
  • Correct Eloquent relations calls completion. $this->hasMany(SomeModel::class)->where(SomeModel fields here)
  • New Laravel 7.6 withoutMiddleware method parameters completion
  • Deprecated controllers and methods are marked as deprecated in route files
  • New option "Allow app root module in code generation dialogs" for Directory module system
  • Eloquent calculated properties(like getFirstNameAttribute() -> first_name) completion added
  • 'mix' method completion now understands several mix-manifest.json files
  • Default base class for unit tests is PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
  • Fixes

Version 2.3

  • Laravel 7 blade tag components support(to fix Vue errors, please update your IDE to 2020.1 version)
  • Artisan commands completion in $schedule->command()
  • Log::channel() completions
  • ${DATE} ${TIME} ${YEAR} ${MONTH} ${DAY} ${HOUR} ${MINUTE} ${SECOND} parameters to file templates
  • Eloquent $appends property and append method fields completion
  • 'auth:guard_name' middleware completions
  • Fixes

Version 2.2

  • spatie/blade-x support improvements: recursive directory scanner and inspections suppressor
  • factory()->create() auto type hinting
  • factory()->create(fields completion)
  • "can:%gate_name%" middleware completions
  • bigIncrements() instead of increments() in migration template
  • Route::is(completion)
  • Fixes

Version 2.1

  • spatie/blade-x package support(tags, attributes completion, :attr="%php code injection%")
  • Route::get()->uses(completion)
  • Eloquent $dispatchesEvents completion and morph relation methods, like whereHasMorph(), support
  • Fix registration in "Create Middleware", "Create Listener" and some other generations
  • Fix creation translation string from blade - select string and Alt-Ins(or Command(Ctrl)-N)

Version 2.0

  • Lumen support
  • Create translation keys right from code (Alt-Insert or Command(Ctrl)-N on PHP string or selected Blade code)
  • Create View Composer code generation
  • Request::boolean() method support (added in Laravel 6.12)
  • Name parameter of "Create Middleware" become optional
  • Model parameter of "Create Json Resource" become optional
  • Eloquent when method support